Ooni Karu Pizzaofen – mit Holz oder Holzkohle angeheizter Mini Ofen – Pizzaofen für Garten – Pizzamaker

Der Pizzaofen von Ooni ist ein Holzofen für Outdoor in praktischem Format mit Pizzastein und Edelstahlgehäuse.
Er wurde für echte Foodies und Naturliebhaber entworfen und ist die perfekte Ergänzung zu jeder Outdoor Küche.
Angeheizt wird der Ofen mit Holz oder Holzkohle (Gasbrenner sind optional erhältlich), was für einen authentischen Geschmack sorgt.



Ooni Karu is the most advanced outdoor pizza oven for wood-fired or charcoal-fired pizzas. Master the art of fire with your own pizza maker machine for home – It warms up in just 15 minutes to the perfect-pizza temperature of 923°F and fires out pizzas in under 60 seconds. This new Ooni pizza oven is fully portable at just 26.5lbs, and the stainless steel body is fully insulated, making it the perfect garden pizza oven for all year round. Ooni Karu comes with an extra-thick Ooni Baking Stone (15mm) for maximum heat retention; plus innovative features like patented Flame Keeper technology, a fully adjustable air vent for heat control, and removable click-lock chimney with chimney cap.
Ooni’s multi-fuel pizza oven for outdoor cooking cooks stone-baked pizza in any outdoor space in just 60 seconds.
This portable oven weighs just 26.5lb (12kg) and is a great addition to your outdoor kitchen!
The most versatile of pizza ovens: Cook with wood or charcoal, or add the gas attachment. Ooni Gas Burner sold separately.
A cooking gadgets‘ lovers‘ dream: This outdoor oven stays at 923°F (500°C) by using patented Flame Keeper technology.
The perfect cooking gift for pizza lovers – They will never go back to pizza delivery!